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"If you ignore beauty, you will soon find yourself without it...
But if you invest in beauty, it will remain with you all the days of your life."
-Frank Lloyd Wright





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Wedding Photography

  1. What happens if I hire you and your hands fall off or or [insert random catastrophe]?

    Things happen, I believe it is called Life or sometimes Murphy's Law.  If something were to (and knock on wood we've never had to exercise Plan B) don't worry - you would be covered.   You will be contacted and then given options of photographers I work with who are available with my same style and experience. If for some reason I do not have another photographer available for your date and you have to go with someone else we will cover all of those costs. I can give you great assurance that your wedding day will always be taken care of.

  2. I want to see your work!! Show me the photos!!

    No problem, I love to show off all the good times and wonderful brides and grooms I've had the pleasure of photographing!  Here is a link to my Wedding portfolio, it is on Facebook (isn't everything?) but fear not non-Facebook fans, it is a public link so you don't have to sign in, sign up or sell your soul. Just click below or head over to my Portfolio tab to check out links to all of my portfolios. ;

  3. How far in advance should I book?

    Typically you would book a wedding date 9-12 months before the event. I only schedule one wedding per weekend (Fri-Sun), so it doesn't matter if you don't have all the details set in stone as long as you know for sure the weekend you want. 

  4. How many photos will you take?

    I don't put a limit on how many photos I take.  Typically I average between 50-100 photos per shooting hour. 

  5. How far do you travel?

    As far I as I need to!  I am based in Akron, OH but will go where I need to be.  Minimal travel expenses may apply over 100 miles.  Contact me and we can sort it out!

  6. What does high resolution mean?

    Simply put, you can blow these images up huge and not look completely gross or go Monet style painting.  

    Low resolution is what you mainly see on the internet and can look fuzzy at pretty much any size larger than a credit card, lol!  

  7. Will I be able to print photos on my own?

    But of course!  That is the beauty of working with me, you get a CD with all of your photos all set to go and you own the rights so take them anywhere and go crazy with the printing!!  

  8. Will you take traditional family portraits at my wedding?

    Sure, of course, and certainly.  They can be as fun as watching paint dry, but not with me!  We grab you, Aunt Sue and Uncle Sammy and shazaam, photo! Then you, Cousin Sal and her twins and pop, there's a photo! We'll commemorate your connection in the gene pool an in a jiffy!  I have a system to get them all, get them quickly and get them fabulous so we can focus on what the day is all about - you and your new lifemate showing off the love, the rings and the snazzy clothes!!

  9. How long will it take to see my photos?

    I post sneak peeks on my Facebook page within 24 hours (usually less cause I'm so darn excited to show how fab you look!!)  and you get the whole shebang on CD within 4-6 weeks of your wedding.  Can't wait that long, let me know what you're looking for and I imagine we can work something out. 

  10. What kind of clothing do you wear to the wedding?

    We wear clothes that are suited for the occasion, yet don’t limit us when we are trying to work. For most weddings that means something that will allow us to blend in with your guests. For more formal weddings, of course, we will dress appropriately.  However if I show up to your engagement photos (should you so desire me to take them) in slightly stained overalls and a faded t-shirt please understand how many creeks, fields, hills and dales some of that gear has crawled over and waded in to get those amazing shots. I was a tomboy and I'm not afraid of dirt, but can control myself when in polite company, I swear! 

  11. Do you require a meal during the wedding?

    We do ask that you provide some kind of food and drink for us at the reception. If the wedding coverage is 6+ hours we do require that you provide us with a meal.  A salivating photography is not pretty!

  12. Can you hold the date for us?

    Unfortunately, I have to work on a first come, first served basis. I can only hold the date if a contract has been signed & deposit has been sent in.

  13. Do you have backup equipment?

    Doubles at minium, triples to sextuples of many things. If something goes awry or gets fried have no fear!!

  14. I want to book you! What now?

    Absolutely fabulous, you have made my day!! Click on the lovely Inquiry Form link or just send an email to and include as much detail as you'd like.  Gotta at least have the basics which would be who you are, how to contact you back, date of service and where your event will be.  I will get back to you ASAP with information and a contract to check out and our merry journey together will have begun in earnest!!!

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Money, money, money!!

  1. How much is the deposit?

    The deposit is 50% of the package price. It, along with a signed contract aree required to book a date.

  2. Do you take credit cards?

    If McDonald's can take them how could I look at myself in the mirror every day if I didn't? I can accept credit cards via my PayPal account. I get charged for them so contact me and we can go through all the details. 

  3. Do you do payment plans?

    I require a deposit of 50% of the package price in order to book the date and the balance in full is due by the date of service. From there we can set up a payment plan that works for you.  

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